On the Quad Episode 7 — “Anti-Party”

February 26, 2016

Pete and the crew find themselves having to disprove their eerie similarities to Weird Guy-- by betting that they can last through a party until the end. 

Light’s Out Episode 4 — “Revolt of the Worms”

February 19, 2016

Charles Prentice, renowned chemist, decides to take his talents out of the city, away from the war. But unforseen consequences follow him, and he can't run away this time.

On the Quad Episode 6 — “Date Night”

February 12, 2016

Sidney prepares frantically for a big night while Warren and Jo provide words of advice. Meanwhile, Pete finds a disturbing development in his mailbox and turns to Lars for support.

Light’s Out Episode 3 — “Coffin in Studio B”

February 6, 2016

The staff of Light's Out think today is a normal rehearsal day, until a strange salesman comes to the office to sell one of the actors a coffin.