On the Quad Episode 3 — “Off the Rails”

December 11, 2015

Pete decides to pay a visit to his course counselor, only to discover some unsettling news, spurring his search for a major. Meanwhile, Warren and Jo get more than they bargained for with an "easy-A" class. 

Light’s Out Episode 1 — “Chicken Heart”

December 5, 2015

A city is thrown into chaos by the unprecedented results of an ambitious experiment on a chicken heart. A re-telling of the radio classic drama/horror that captured the hearts of America. 

On the Quad Episode 2 - “Lost”

December 4, 2015

Pete's love for Mother Earth is put to the test by the "Enviromaniacs," Warren and Sidney try to navigate the campus bookstore, and Lars and Jo find themselves stuck in a desperate search for...food.